3 reasons why architectural marketing is essential in today’s competitive property market.

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1. Creating a stir
Whether you are planning a large mixed-use urban development, a block of apartments, or a residential housing estate, ThinkLab’s property development marketing tools are essential components to the sales process.  Just think of the billboards that will generate interest from passers-by and road traffic, the buzz of a prospective client taking a virtual reality tour using our bespoke property sales app?  Or a clear branding vision of your development right from the start, executed with a holistic approach across all digital platforms, from brochures to websites and animation presentations.  We know in today’s fast paced digital world of content, that moving imagery stands out from the crowd.  Ensure you don’t miss the opportunities that film and animation will bring to a property sales strategy.

Various marketing mediums showing off branded mixed use development in Cape Town.

By using specialist property marketing collateral for social media channels, online magazines, articles and specialist editorial features in industry related publications, you gain further market exposure.  Without a doubt this places you one step closer to accessing your prospective buyer, and closing a sale.  Result?  Money in the bank faster which is a plus for all parties involved in the real estate game.

2. Securing investment
It all starts with investment. For property developments to be completed, there needs to be access to sources of funding.  There is obviously a cost associated with using architectural marketing tools, but this usually is far exceeded by the benefit to all parties involved in the development process, from the investor to a developer’s sales team.  Whether a development proposal is large or relatively small, funding will be required at every stage.

CGI of tall building in CBD, with a detail showing panoramic views experienced from the top floor.

Using architectural marketing to support your pitches to investors will add significant weight in support of what you want to achieve.  A picture speaks a thousand words and the power is in what is seen by your audience.   Using the latest visualisation technology from a trusted partner such as ThinkLab will take you a step closer to securing the investment you need to realise your project’s true potential.

3. Planning permission and approvals
Planning permission and approval is a crucial requirement of the development process, from the local authorities that your piece of real estate falls under, to investors and financiers.  For this to take place swiftly and smoothly, the use of concise architectural visualisation material will expedite this process as the sources will be able to clearly see, for example: what type of building is being proposed, its orientation and layout, the quality of finishes, the style of the building, and the uses and layout of the interior spaces.  Further understanding of the budget and scope of the work, and the development’s end use can be more easily assessed with this visual material to hand in the early stages.

“Today, modern architectural visualisation and virtual reality technology is changing the way buildings are constructed for the benefit of all parties involved in the inception and completion of a piece of real estate.  If  you are looking for the best start to enhance your development, architectural marketing and virtual reality is the answer.”

~ Corné von Bratt, Founder and CEO